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    About Us

HMS Unicorn is an Accredited Museum and part of National Historic Ships UK's National Historic Fleet. It is owned and operated by The Unicorn Preservation Society, which was formed in 1968 and is charged with the conservation and preservation of HMS Unicorn as a Museum and Heritage Asset.  The Society is a registered charity in Scotland, registration number SC002771 and is constituted as a Company Limited by Guarantee, registration number SC046145.

We have ambitious plans to secure HMS Unicorn's future by dry-docking her close to her current location.  

Vision, Mission and Values


Our mission is to deliver a world class museum experience, work continuously to safeguard the future of HMS Unicorn, and care for our collections while making them accessible to all.


Our vision is to inspire those who visit and work with us, offering lifelong learning and engagement opportunities for our local communities and beyond.



We cultivate a friendly, respectful environment on board the ship, proactively seeking, welcoming and including individuals of all backgrounds, cultures, ages, races, religions, gender identities and sexualities.


We are enthusiastic and proactive in caring for HMS Unicorn, sharing its history, and inspiring people now and into the future.


We consistently exceed expectations and do not let our limited resources stop us achieving sector-leading work.


We actively engage with partners, groups and people ensuring that we are a key part of our community in Dundee and beyond.


We prioritize compassion and empathy, treating our visitors, staff, volunteers and others with understanding and a genuine desire to help.


Our Board of Trustees comprises of professionals who volunteer their time:

Staff team

Our staff team are always pleased to welcome you on board:

Matthew Bellhouse Moran - Museum Director
Originally from Salford, I’ve worked in museums across the UK since 2013. I'm currently a trustee of Museums Galleries Scotland and a Museums Association Rep. Before joining HMS Unicorn I spent 5 years with the Scottish Maritime Museum as a curator. Outside of work I can be found nosing around Scotland’s industrial heritage or fixing broken radios, not necessarily at the same time.

Caroline Taylor - Volunteering Learning and Engagement Officer
I started my museum career at the Signal Tower museum in Arbroath, before moving to the Lighthouse Museum in Fraserburgh. After a spell working for Montrose Museum and Angus Alive, I’m excited to work at a museum with a connection to the sea again and in my favourite city, Dundee. In my spare time I’m a proud member of the St Margaret’s Guild.

David Livingstone - Operations Officer
Originally from Aberdeen, this is my first foray into museum work. However, having always loved history, studying it through school and university, coupled with a love of the sea and a good exhibition to visit, I am excited and privileged to be working on this amazing ship and awesome team. Outside of work I enjoy fencing, sailing, running, hiking and music.

Future plans

HMS Unicorn is a rare survivor and is equivalent to the most historically important Grade 1 or A listed building. Our plans to preserve the ship can be found here in our strategic plan which sets out our way forward.

Currently there are three primary risks that the Society is focussed on:

  • Over time ships experience stress along their hull, causing the centre to bend upwards or downwards. HMS Unicorn is bending upwards;
  • Rainwater damage. The saltwater in which Unicorn sits helps preserve her exposed timber. Rainwater is acidic in nature and corrodes the exposed wood. This is the reason that Unicorn was roofed when built. It is rainwater that damages the outer skin of the hull and if we don't repair leaks the the inner skin of timber too;
  • Time. Even with the relative protection of saltwater, the hull of a wooden ship deteriorates over time and requires high levels of maintenance and repair.

Keep updated on our progress towards our project to relocate the ship to a dry dock by checking out our news page here. At the foot of the page is a link to our donation page, please click it and give generously to the HMS Unicorn Fund.

Our policies

Please find links below for policies relating to the use of this website.


Get in touch

If you would like to find out more about us on board HMS Unicorn, please contact us by phone on 01382 200900 or by email  at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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