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Case Study - Paige: Foundation Apprenticeship placement

Paige has been on a placement at HMS Unicorn from October 2023 to March 2024 as part of her Foundation Apprenticeship course at Dundee and Angus College. Here she reflects on her time at HMS Unicorn and everything she has learned:

 I am Paige, currently an S6 pupil from Grove Academy and I am studying on a two year course of Creative and Digital Media at Dundee and Angus College, learning about the business sides of marketing including copyright, legislations and regulations that are involved in media. As part of the course I have been on a work experience placement at HMS Unicorn on a social media project. 

I have been working on marketing, more specifically focused on creating social media posts to upload to HMS Unicorn. I first started by creating a report comparing HMS Unicorn with other historical museums within the UK such as HMS Victory and Titanic Belfast. I also looked at HMS Unicorn's most popular posts on their social media platforms as well as their least popular posts on their social media platforms within the report. After this, I created social media posts, based around my findings on what worked best with HMS Unicorn's audiences.

My skills of working independently improved while on the placement, taking photos of certain places on the ship to accompany my social media posts, creating my report on social media sites and writing content for HMS Unicorn's social media with help from Caroline, the Volunteering, Engagement and Learning Officer. 

I am most proud of the social media posts that I created for HMS Unicorn, especially as I had to research the history of the ship and items on board the ship to write them. 

I would recommend working at HMS Unicorn -  the people here are really nice and will help you out if you need it!

Paige has created a series of posts on Facebook and Twitter highlighting different objects on board HMS Unicorn. Keep an eye out on our social media sites for 'Paige's Picks' from March to April 2024. 



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