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Volunteering project with Wellbeing Works

Our volunteering project with Wellbeing Works has come to an end after six, successful volunteer taster sessions where the group tried their hand at different activities on board the ship. 

  The group were given an overview of HMS Unicorn and our volunteering and engagement programmes from Volunteering, Engagement and Learning Officer Caroline ahead of several taster sessions that reflect the different volunteer roles we have on offer. The group saw how our volunteer tour guides bring the history of the ship to life for our visitors, found out about the range of objects we have in our stores and how we look after our collections, swept the decks, came up with a range of activity and trail ideas for the learning programme and found out some top tips for volunteer applications. 

The project was successful in highlighting the range of volunteer activities we have on offer, building the participants' confidence and reaching out to a new audience for our volunteers. 


"The course was broken down into clear sections and a lot of time was spent on the different roles. It was very interactive and I felt listened to and able to ask relevant questions.

I think volunteering [at HMS Unicorn] would be a positive experience. It would be interesting and you would learn a lot.”

Project participant

There are a good range of volunteering options at HMS Unicorn – something for most people and not just boat stuff.

It’s a very informal and friendly and easy going environment for volunteering.”

Project participant

Caroline explained a lot clearly and enthusiastically! … Plenty of opportunity to chat and ask questions.

Visiting for these volunteer sessions has reminded me HMS Unicorn is still here – I’ve chatted to friends about it too – raising awareness! Volunteering [at HMS Unicorn] is something I’m enthusiastic about because I enjoy the history and want to enthuse others if I can.”

Project participant

"It was a great opportunity to introduce and encourage our participants to get involved in volunteering.  Whilst we know volunteering has many wellbeing benefits it can be hard for individuals who are lacking confidence and feeling isolated to get involved in.  The Unicorn allowed our participants to explore volunteering in a supportive environment where staff and peers could share experiences. 

Participants reported an increase in self-confidence after attending and enjoyed the opportunity to meet new people and improve interpersonal skills. It has encouraged some of the group to submit applications to volunteer independently and some participants have  described it as a step in their journey back into employment."

Laura from Wellbeing Works











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